Hollindia International B.V. was conceived in 1985 by Arvind M. Gokhale. 
The dye and pigment industry was obviously changing from a multinational dominated scenario to one of several sources, 
both western and oriental. There was a function as intermediate, and Hollindia would endeavour to fulfil this function.
Starting as commission agents and proceeding to trade for its own account, Hollindia is today a group of Companies which 

has done its share of backward as well as forward integration.

Hollindia's sales offices in Poland, Morocco, Ivory Coast and Mumbai together with its joint venture production facilities in
Ahmedabad (India) and Jinhua (China) form the right kind of infrastructure needed to serve the constantly changing demands
of the modern colour business. Flexibility, an optimal price/performance awareness, service and logistics support are what
gives the Hollindia Group the edge on other colleagues.